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Weight Distribution Systems

Weight Distribution Systems
A: Hook-Up Bracket
B: Spring Bars 
C: Sway Control (Optional)
D: Head
E: Shank 
F: Safety Chains
G: Pin & Clip
H: Receiver Hitch

**Weight Distribution Kits do not come with a Sway Control, Receiver Hitch, Safety Chains, or the Pin and Clip.

A Weight Distributing system applies leverage for heavier loads in excess of 350lbs tongue weight. This distributes the weight evenly to all of the tow vehicle and trailer wheels. It offers a more level ride, improves steering and increases braking control, while enhancing towing safety. The addition of a friction sway control dampens the sway caused by traffic and crosswinds, contributing to overall towing safety and stability.

IMPORTANT NOTE - In order to install a Weight Distribution System, the distance from the center of the ball to the end of the bracket requires a minimum of 33". In some cases, tongue modification or relocation of items such as LP tanks or Batteries, etc. may need to be done to install the system

Link for tips on installing a weight distribution setup

Weight Distribution Installation Instructions