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VMD Series SnowDogg Snow Plow

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Snow Plows by SnowDogg® Feature
the Highest Quality Components
for Unmatched Durability and Performance.

The SnowDogg® VMD series puts the power and versatility of our VX series plows
into a package designed for 1/2 Ton plow prep trucks.

The highest quality components for unmatched durability and performance.

• ¼" Laser Cut Steel Ribs w/ 2" Cross Tube & HD Channel.

• Easy to use over center linkage operated locking pins with foot pedals.

• Lift Arm - 35° travel provides exceptional snow stacking.

• Trip Edge Design for smooth plowing over obstacles.

• 3/8" Cutting Edge with Replaceable Hardened Center Edges.

• Powerful, dual beam halogen plow lights with secure double post mounts

• Tough stainless steel corrosion-free moldboard

• 70° Attack Angle

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