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TRUNNION Style Kits and Replacement Parts

TRUNNION Style Kits and Replacement Parts
Draw-Tite has combined the best of the features from all of their weight distributing kits to create the Trunnion Kit. It includes a head design with superior strength and easy adjustment.

the head includes a forged raised ball platform and forged Trunnion mounts. The channel of the head utilizes our "serrated washer" design. The serrated washers make it easier to dial in the set up of the Weight Distributing Kit.

In addition to the changes in the head, the Weight Distributing Kit includes the highest rated spring bars per class in the industry. They also feature an integrated cam for easy set up with the optional Dual Cam High-Performance Sway Control. Other features include 9-link chains for easier set up on larger trailer frames and innovative snap-up brackets designed for superior strength and durability.

* Raised hitch ball platform eliminates the need for raised hitch balls

* Easy-to-use serrated washers for head adjustment

* Forged ball platform and spring bar mounts

* Rated up to 1,500 lbs. TW and 15,000 lbs. GTW

* Limited lifetime warranty