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The LEER Model 100RCC turns the industry's most popular fiberglass cap into a true commercial workhorse, with structural reinforcement to handle tough jobs while looking great with custom-fit fiberglass and paint to match your truck color.  It's the perfect combination of style and substance.


Standard Features: 

  • LEER Fiberglass Construction 
  • Interior Headliner 
  • Commercial Cap Structural Reinforcement 
  • Interior LED 20" Light Bar
  • 12V Fuse Box 
  • Interior Wire Loomed and Secured 
  • Fiberglass Base Rails
  • Recessed Third Brake Light 
  • Roped-in Fixed Front Window 
  • Dupont-Axalta Automotive Paint 
  • Solid Sides (No doors or windows)
  • Limited 5 Year Color and Structure Warranty 
  • Recessed Dark Tint Rear Door with Double T-Handles

Automotive Paint Option: 

  • Tri-Coat Paint (Additional Cost

Front Options: 

  • Roped-in Fixed Front Window - Standard 
  • Radius Framed Front Picture Window
  • Radius Framed Removable Front Picture Window - N/A with Tool Boxes
  • Radius Framed Removable Front Sliding Picture Window - N/A with Tool Boxes 
  • Radius Front Sliding Window

Side Door Options: 

  • Solid Sides - Standard (No doors or windows
  • 50/50 Radius Side Sliding Window with Screen 
  • Pet Screens for Side Sliding Window 
  • Radius Side Windoor Slider
  • Radius Side Windoor (Dark tint glass
  • Fiberglass Painted Access Door

Tool Box Options: (Requires Painted Side Access Door)

  • Tool Box 16"H x 12"D 
  • Rubberized Non-Slip Mat for Tool Box Floor 
  • Storage Solutions - Parts Bines and Shelf Bins

Tool Box Shelf/Divider Options: 

  • Includes Powder Coated (White) Metal Tool Box, Shelf, or Divider (See chart)

Interior Lighting/Power Options: 

  • NEW 12V LED Light Bar - 20" 
  • NEW 12V LED Light Bar - 40" 
  • 12V Dome Light Gas Prop Switch (Switch is available per door
  • 12V Three Outlet Power Block 

Interior LED Light Bar Options: 

  • NEW Includes Lights and Wiring (Loomed in location as displayed to the standard fuse box - see chart



Interior Options: 

  • Interior Headliner - Standard (Choice: Black or Grey
  • Cargo Hooks: 4 DS, 4 PS, or 8 DS & PS

Rear Door Options: 

  • Recessed Dark Tint Rear Door with Double T-Handles - Standard 
  • Solid Rear Door with Color Matched Aluminum Insert 
  • Solid Rear Door with Color Matched Fiberglass Insert, Drop T-Handle 

Exterior Rack Options: 

  • Kargo Master Pro lll Cap Mount Rack 
  • Thule Tracker ll Roof Rack System with Locks 
  • Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack System with Locks 
  • Thule Tracks Only 
  • CapRac - Commercial Rack System (2 - Bar Set with 4 Load Stops

Prime Design Ladder Racks: 

  • AluRack™ Ladder Rack 
  • ErgoRack™ Single Clamping Ladder Rack 
  • ErgoRack™ Double Clamping Ladder Rack 
  • ErgoRack™ Single Clamping/Single Rotation Ladder Rack 
  • ErgoRack™ Dual Rotation Ladder Rack 

Prime Design Ladder Rack Accessories: 

  • AluRack™ Quick Clamp Option - DS or PS 
  • ErgoRack™ Quick Clamp Option 
  • ErgoRack™ "Go" Beacon Light Mounting Bracket 
  • ErgoRack™ "Strobe" Beacon Light Mounting Bracket 
  • ErgoRack™ Conduit Tube 5" x 10' 
  • ErgoRack™ "Strobe" Beacon Light Mounting Bracket for Conduit Tube

Truck Bed Accessories: 

  • BEDSLIDE Classic 
  • BEDSLIDE Sport 
  • BEDSLIDE Contractor 
  • BEDSLIDE Heavy Duty 
  • DECKED organizer 
  • BEDRUG Bedliner

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