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48" Wireless Tow Light with Plug-in Strobe System

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*If towing mobile homes, the plates on each side of the light will bolt on to the mobile home.

*If towing vehicles, you will need to use the standard light #TM48S. This will have to be attached with bungee straps to the vehicle.

*You can choose the plug style you need.

*The weight of main unit is 17 lbs, and the 12 lbs for the lights.

*The rechargeable battery in this light will generally last approximately 10 hours in warm weather.

*It takes 8 hours to fully charge this light.

*Provides wireless stop, tail, and turn signals with ease.

*The additional strobes are powered using the battery supply in your wireless mobile home bar. Simply plug the cord into the 7-pin socket located on the left end of the bar.

*Cord is long enough to spread each strobe 18 feet apart on the rear of the mobile home being moved.

*Each strobe lens is 4 inches in diameter and the head dimensions are (6"x6"x3"). They each attach using the same mounting method as the mobile home bar.

*Charges off of 12V DC

*Lifetime warranty on electronics and LED's