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Roadmaster Active Suspension Kit #3611

Roadmaster Active Suspension Kit #3611
Item #3611
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Load, Handling, Safety, Savings.

The Ultimate Leaf Spring Suspension Assist!

*Improve load carrying capacity like helper springs or other load assist products but without the usual sacrifice of ride comfort due to the added stiffness.

*Eliminate bottoming out like air systems while never requiring adjusting or applying pressure to points on your frame.

*Reduce sway and dangerous body roll on cornering like anti-sway bars

*Eliminate axle wrap and wheel hop like traction bars.

*Enhance vehicle stability, handling and control ~ with or without a load ~ for a safer, more confident driving experience, and less driver fatigue over the long haul.

*Improve fuel efficiency when operating under load and reduce operating cost by extending the life of leaf springs, shocks, shackles and most of all, tires.

Whatever the reason(s) to purchase, you will love how this powerful variable rated coil spring action revolitionizes the performance of their leaf spring suspension. Fact is, with the one and only RAS installed they will enjoy safer, more enjoyable driving... workdays, play days, everyday! Roadmaster Active Suspension backs that statement with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee!

Fits The Following:

Chevy & GM 2500/3500 Pickup (Dually uses an HD Kit Instead) - 2011-2017
Ford F-250 & F-350 (Dually or Truck with Overloads should use HD Kit Instead) - 1973-2010
Ford E-350 Passenger Van - 1973-2007

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