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LED Traffic Assist - 4.5 Amperes

LED Traffic Assist - 4.5 Amperes
Item #TA36L-A2
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*The LED Traffic Assist family of products are designed to direct traffic around slow moving or stopped vehicles.

*The TA36L-A2 features 16 LED lamp assemblies with 8 lamps in the body and 4 lamps each forming the arrows.

*There are 16 individual modes.

*They sequence from side to side in 3 different modes at 2 different speeds.

*It also has 2 Warning Patterns for advance warning for oncoming traffic.

*Each High Impact LED is optically enhanced by adding a Lens over the LED.

*The TA36L-A2 comes with a 25' cable and a Touch Pad controller for simple operation.

*The TA36L-A2 is designed for interior or exterior applications

*Warranty- US Sales Only: 5 years