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Industrial Strength Quick Ties

Industrial Strength Quick Ties
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High Density Steel Alloy Core with High Density Foam Coat.
Industrial Strength Twist Grip.
More secure than rope or bungee cord.
Works in Cold & Heat
Simple, Secure, & Strong.
*No Knots
*No Stretching
*No Hooks to Slip

Step 1 - GRIP around item
Step 2 - TWIST tightly at least 3 times for secure lock
Step 3 - FOLD ends back toward twist for maximum locking power.

Hundres of Uses!
Workshop - Organize Tools - Hang Extension Cords
Garden - Bundle Hoses - tie Plants to Stakes
Vehicle - Latch Trunk Lid - Organize Jumper Cables - Secure Loads
Sports - Carry Skis and Poles - Manage inline skates - Gear - Tie around sleeping bags
Household - Fasten Deck Chairs to Rail - Store Seasonal Items - Organize Hobby Supplies
Marine - Secure Lines - Hold Rishing Rods - Wrap Sails

17" Long - (43 cm)