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Double Permanent Amber

Double Permanent Amber
Item #98DASH
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* Polycarbonate Lens with State of the Art Optics

* Amber Lens Standard. Red, Blue and Clear Lens Options Available. Green Available in Tall Lens Only.

* 30% Glass Filled Nylon Base Reduces Vibration

* Double or Quad Flash Patterns

* Auto Dim Feature Available on the 99 Series

* User-Switchable Flash Pattern, controlled by moving an internal jumper. Choose from 4-Flash, 2-4 Flash or 2-3-4 Flash.

* Field Replaceable Strobe Tube

* Permanent or Magnetic Mount with 9' Straight Cord and Lighter Plug with On/Off Switch

* Standard 1" Pipe Mount

* Automatic Reverse Polarity Protection

* 72 Flashes Per Minute